Starting from February 22, 2021, all passengers arriving in the Kingdom of Bahrain must undergo a series of PCR tests (at their own expense), costing BD36. The first test will take place on arrival and the second will take place five days later. The third and final test will take place on the 10th day of your stay in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Bahrain Weather21 °C / 69 °F Corporate Passenger

Flight Connections

The Passenger Terminal Building’s boutique design means you can move between Gates faster, which gives you more time to enjoy all the amenities the airport has to offer. To find your connecting flight, follow the clearly marked signs or ask our friendly airport staff for assistance. There are 12 transfer desks on Level 01 with 6 on the West and 6 on the East. West counters are numbered from 1 to 6 and East counters are numbered from 11-16.