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Airline Development

Routes World 2024

The global route development community will come together for the 29th Routes World event in the Kingdom of Bahrain!

Bahrain International Airport will host the 29th edition of Routes World in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The conference was officially handed over to H.E. Zayed R. Alzayani, Chairman of Gulf Air Group Holding (GFG), from Mr. Selahattin Bilgen, the CEO of Istanbul Airport during a ceremony at the 28th conference in Istanbul. The announcement was made during Gulf Air Group Holding's participation in the 28th edition of Routes World, which took place in Istanbul from 15-17 October. A Bahrain delegation, including Gulf Air, Bahrain Airport Company (BAC), Bahrain Airport Services (BAS), and other entities, was present at the event.

The Routes World 2024 event brings together airports, aviation stakeholders and airlines from around the globe to integrate on air services and global economic growth. The event will create a platform for conversations between senior network planners that will define the industry's global future.

Experience Bahrain

Strategically located in the heart of the Gulf region with proximity to major destinations across Asia, Europe, and Africa, Bahrain is a diversified economy with a progressive business environment and world-class infrastructure, and an ideal gateway for both inbound and outbound tourists.

Our geographical position has played an important role in its history of being a vital trading link between the East and the West. We are home to the region’s fastest Global Sea-to-Air logistics hub and have been ranked 6th in MENA in Global Connectedness, in terms of international flows of trade, capital, information and people (DHL Global Connectedness Index 2023).  

Our world-class infrastructure, rich heritage, culture, and diversified hospitality, retail, and leisure offerings have earned us the title of the number one expat destination in the MENA region by InterNations. 

Our Aviation Excellence

Our Bahrain's civil aviation history stretches back more than a century, with BIA serving as a major hub for regional trade and commerce. As we are heading towards an increasingly connected world, it is now important more than ever to strengthen Bahrain's air connectivity and the movement of goods as major contributors to economic development. The airport plays an essential role in achieving Bahrain's ambition to expand the aviation sector and serves as a major hub for regional trade and commerce, enabling local, regional and global connectivity.

Bahrain International Airports Key Facts and Figures:

  • 2,862,976 Passengers (up to June 2022)
  • 784 Weekly Departures
  • 37,002 Flights (up to June 2022)
  • 192,507 Cargo in Tonnes (up to June 2022)
  • BIA Caters to 38 Commercial and Cargo Airlines
  • Most flights to the GCC are approximately one hour away, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh and Kuwait

The Growing Tourism Hub

Our new Passenger Terminal Building is the cornerstone of the US$1.1 Billion Airport Modernization Program, Bahrain's largest infrastructure project to date. The Bahrain International Airport (BIA) is one of the world's leading smart airports, and the most modern boutique airport in the Gulf. Connecting 56 non-stop freighter destinations with an aim to increase flights to 70+ destinations. With 784 departures per week, passenger traffic of 6.9 million and air traffic movement of 82,500 flights in 2022, we have major regional and international airlines operating from BIA include Emirates, Etihad Airways, British Airways, Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines.

Our World-Class Cargo Services and Connectivity

Our dedicated 25,000 sqm Cargo Terminal offers a wide range of world-class services, including export cargo sales, transshipment, inter-airport trucking and customs clearance. An Express Cargo Village is currently being developed, which will enable the airport to handle larger cargo volumes and better cater to customers’ needs. It will be a sophisticated logistics platform with separate buildings for each express air cargo operator, built to the highest international standards. 

Unveiling Bahrain's Legacy at Routes World 2023

Join us at Routes World 2023 Istanbul at K20 stand, where Bahrain comes alive. Immerse your senses in Bahraini culture, from the traditional melodies of the Mohamed Bin Faris band to the exquisite delicacies curated by our Bahraini Chef. We’re not just showcasing a destination; we’re inviting you on a journey through history, artistry, culinary delights.  

What to expect at Routes World Bahrain

Comprising extensive exclusive face-to-face meetings, actionable industry insights, unrivalled networking events and brand enhancing opportunities, join representatives from the world's leading airlines, airports and tourism authorities at Routes World and take advantage of the unique cost and time-saving benefits that the event provides.