alert Full-Scale Emergency Exercise
In line with the commitment and efforts of Bahrain Airport Company to maintain the highest level of safety standards towards the emergency response at Bahrain International Airport (BIA), a full-scale emergency exercise will be conducted on Monday, 20 March from 7pm to 12am. Heavy traffic will be noticed by ambulances and security vehicles in the areas around the airport during the exercise. We assure the public that this routine exercise will have minimal impact on the airport’s operations and there is no reason for concern.
Bahrain Weather26 °C / 78 °F Corporate Passengers

About the Airport

Where is Bahrain International Airport located?

Who manages the Airport?

Who is the ground handler at Bahrain International Airport?

What is the procedure to film/photograph at the Airport?

What is the call center number of the Airport?

Flight Cancellation

My flight has been canceled. What should I do?

My connecting flight has been changed. Can I stay at the airport?

Can I claim compensation if my flight is delayed or canceled?

Security and Baggage

What is the carry-on baggage allowance?

What is the check-in baggage allowance?

What is the charge for excess baggage?

Is there baggage storage at Bahrain International Airport?

Is there a luggage wrapping service at Bahrain International Airport?

What are the baggage regulations?

Any additional charges for the out of gage and odd shaped items?

Can I bring animals or pets on board?

Where is the out-of-gauge scanner?

Parking & Transport

What are my parking options and rates at Bahrain International Airport?

Where can I find Taxis?

Where can I find Car Rentals?

Where can i find public transportation?

Lost & Found

What should I do if I have lost something inside the Airport?

What should I do if I can’t find my bag at Baggage Claim?

What should I do if I lost something on my fight?

What should I do if my bag gets damaged after my flight?

Immigration, Customs & Visa

Do I need a visa for the Kingdom of Bahrain?

Are there fast-track facilities at Bahrain International Airport?

Where can I get a Tax Refund?

Facilities & Services

How can I access Wi-Fi?

What medical facilities are available and where can I find them?

What are the Meet & Assist Options at the Airport?

How do i find my gate number?

Where can i sleep in the terminal?

Where can i request an infant stroller?

How many lounges do you have at Bahrain International Airport?

What is the preferred currency at Bahrain Duty Free?

How early can i check-in for my flight?

Where are the prayer rooms?

Where can i smoke?

How do i book services for an unaccompanied minor?

Are there porter services?

Special Assistance

How do I request for a wheelchair?

Can I arrange for special assistance prior to my trip?

What facilities does Bahrain International Airport offer for passengers with reduced mobility and hidden disabilities?