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Royal Jordanian Airlines Resumes Flights to Bahrain

Jun 24th 2023
Royal Jordanian Airlines Resumes Flights to Bahrain

Bahrain Airport Company (BAC), the operator and managing body of Bahrain International Airport (BIA), has announced resumption of Royal Jordanian Airlines (RJ) direct flight between Amman and Bahrain. A welcoming ceremony was held toto commemorate the occasion, attended by officials from the relevant parties. 

The move will contribute to increased connectivity between the two countries, offering business travellers and individuals more options and convenience when journeying between Jordan and Bahrain. The availability of Royal Jordanian flights will facilitate easier access for tourists from Jordan and other countries, bolstering Bahrain's tourism sector, and attract more visitors to experience its diverse offerings. The improved connectivity is also expected to foster trade and commerce, opening new opportunities for business partnerships and collaborations. 

Bahrain Airport Company Chief Development and Technical Officer, Abdulla Janahi said, “We are delighted to welcome Royal Jordanian back to BIA and I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to enhance and fortify the already exceptional relationships between the two kingdoms. The resumption of flights provides a platform for cultural exchange, cooperation in various fields, and the development of stronger ties between the two nations. The renewed connectivity will enhance the travel experience for passengers and contribute to the growth of both countries' economies.” 

“RJ’s new 5-year growth plan is focused on two main strategic pillars: Primarily bringing tourism into Jordan and positioning Amman as the main hub for the Levant region.” said Chief Commercial Officer, Karim Makhlouf. “The opening of the new route between Bahrain and Amman will allow the Jordanian and Bahraini community to visit Jordan and additionally over 45 destinations around the world.”  

Mr. Makhlouf went on to explain RJ’s new commercial strategy “With efforts already underway to double our fleet in the next five years, the expansion will strengthen Amman's position as a gateway for passengers connecting from Bahrain to Europe, the United States, and Canada, fostering increased tourism opportunities will be implemented within the next three years.”  

Royal Jordanian Airlines will operate flights between Amman and Bahrain 4 times a week, offering passengers flexibility and a choice of travel options. Passengers can conveniently book their flights through various channels, including online booking platforms, travel agents, or by contacting Royal Jordanian directly. 

The resumption of Royal Jordanian flights to Bahrain underscores the demand for travel to Bahrain and the strategic importance of this route. The airline remains committed to meeting the needs of travelers and facilitating a seamless travel experience while supporting the growth of tourism, trade, and bilateral relations.