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Cultural Heritage Galleries

The selection highlights the cultural wealth of Bahrain’s past and present and celebrates local creativity. The Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities will host regular cultural and art exhibitions at the galleries to connect passengers to the local community beyond the airport.

While the art gallery features the vibrant and historically grounded art scene in Bahrain and the creativity of local artists, the archaeology gallery illustrates the historical significance of the island of Bahrain, which was once considered the land of immortality and opulence.

The creation of museum spaces at Bahrain International Airport aims to enhance the passenger experience, providing comfortable and culturally relevant spaces for travelers to enjoy. The use of different art forms and cutting-edge technologies create a strong visual identity that engages audiences. The spaces were designed by Laméduse in collaboration with Agence Natalie Crinière, Gelatic (lighting design), Ainu (artifacts mounting), and Tipahine Massari (graphic design). 

The Cultural Heritage Galleries, located in the Departures Area, have been curated and produced by the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities with the support of the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications and Bahrain Airport Company.

Cultural Heritage Galleries