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To / From The Airport

 Taxi Service

Bahrain International Airport is served 24/7 by three taxi operators queuing at the short & long-term parking (Car Park B)  to serve the passengers. The taxi operators include Bahrain International Airport’s local Bahrain Taxi Group, Speedy Motors, and Arabian Taxi.

To reach the Taxi Stop, passengers can follow the directional signs while leaving the Baggage Reclaim area to proceed to the Short & Long term Car Parks (Car Park B), located close to the Passenger Terminal Building opposite of Gate B, or click here.

The provided taxis at Bahrain International Airport are meter-based, as per Bahrain’s Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications, where an initial BHD 2 will be charged, and an additional BHD 2 for pickup services.

To submit your complaint, kindly contact us through the following:

You can also raise a complaint through Bahrain’s National Suggestions & Complaint Systems (Tawasul) using the following link: https://services.bahrain.bh/wps/portal/tawasul

Pre-Booked Taxi Service

Passengers now have the convenience of pre-booking taxis through Careem and Uber, where passengers can easily book their transportation in advance, ensuring a seamless journey from the airport to their desired destination.

Careem and Uber's dedicated meeting point can be found at the Arrivals Curbside, next to Gate 1.

You can download Careem & Uber by clicking here.