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Procedures & Special Assistance

Special Assistance

Passengers with Disabilities

Bahrain International Airport has a full range of services and facilities for passengers with disabilities. To ensure that all passengers enjoy a comfortable and stress-free journey from the moment they arrive, our friendly and efficient staff will gladly assist you and help to identify the many facilities and services at the terminal.

Wheelchair availability and requests

If you or any of your family members require special assistance, including access to a wheelchair on arrival in Bahrain, please inform your airline in advance. Our friendly staff will be waiting to assist you when your flight lands.

Special Services Number: +973 17138226

Information desks

There are dedicated information desks for passengers with disabilities where our team members are happy to assist with any enquiries.


Available in both Arrivals and Departures Areas, our dedicated e-Gates for passengers with disabilities enable passing through immigration checkpoints faster and with less staff involvement, while still maintaining the same level of security.

Immigration counters

Passengers with disabilities can easily access dedicated immigration counters in both Arrivals and Departures Areas.

Car Parks

There are dedicated curbside parking spaces free of charge for the first three hours at the entrance of the Arrivals Area and two spaces per level in Car Park B next to the elevators. prior to entering Car Park B, kindly click on the telephone icon at the barrier gates and inform the operator about your condition to receive special assistance. Parking spaces for passengers with disabilities are also available at the inner curbside entrance of the Arrivals and Departures Areas. Passengers with disabilities are able to use the car parks for 3 hours free of charge.

Baggage Reclaim area

Passengers with reduced mobility can easily collect their luggage at the baggage reclaim carousels, which have dedicated access spots. If you need assistance, just ask one of our friendly porters.


Throughout Bahrain International Airport, all washrooms contain at least one cubicle for passengers with reduced mobility. To find the nearest washrooms, please follow the signs, or ask one of our friendly staff.

Hidden Disabilities

Need special assistance? We See You.

If you need special assistance along your journey, we will make sure you have a safe and seamless experience all the way. At Bahrain International Airport, staff with Sunflower lanyards are ready to help passengers with hidden disabilities. Approach them and let them know about your needs.

What are hidden disabilities?

Hidden disabilities are classified as disabilities that are not visible and cannot be recognized from the first glance. Some of these include autism, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), dyslexia, dementia, diabetes, lupus mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression and more.

What is a Sunflower Lanyard?

The sunflower lanyard is a universal symbol for hidden disabilities and is a visual identifier that allows our airport teams to recognize passengers at different touchpoints and offer the right level of care and support.

BIA staff are trained to support the passengers with hidden disabilities throughout their journey in the airport. The support can include specific directions and details, more time when processing security measures, passing through check-in, security, gates and more.

How will I identify a member of staff who can help me?

You can talk to any member of the staff wearing a Sunflower lanyard. If you wear your lanyard, the staff can easily identify you.

Where do I get my Sunflower Lanyard at the airport?

Passengers with a hidden disability can pick up their Sunflower lanyard free of charge at Check-in Counter B19. Passengers should submit a CPR or medical report from an official entity including private hospitals.

For more information, please use this URL https://hdsunflower.com/uae/.