alert Full-Scale Emergency Exercise
In line with the commitment and efforts of Bahrain Airport Company to maintain the highest level of safety standards towards the emergency response at Bahrain International Airport (BIA), a full-scale emergency exercise will be conducted on Monday, 20 March from 7pm to 12am. Heavy traffic will be noticed by ambulances and security vehicles in the areas around the airport during the exercise. We assure the public that this routine exercise will have minimal impact on the airport’s operations and there is no reason for concern.
Bahrain Weather27 °C / 80 °F Corporate Passengers


Bahrain International Airport's boutique design means you can move between gates faster, giving you more time to enjoy all the amenities the airport offers.

To find your connecting flight, follow the clearly marked signs or ask our friendly airport staff for assistance. There are 12 transfer desks before immigration on Level 01 with 6 on each side of the terminal. West counters are numbered from 1 to 6 and East counters are numbered from 11-16

The Transfer process at Bahrain International Airport:

  • Upon arriving, passengers can follow the transfer signage to be directed to the transfer counters to process their documents.
  • Once the transfer process has been completed, proceed to the departure hall at Level 2 to go through the compulsory security screening.
  • Upon completing the screening process, passengers can enjoy shopping, grab a bite and enjoy the airport's facilities.