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To / From The Airport

Getting to and from Bahrain International Airport by bus is quick and convenient with Bahrain Public Transport Company (BPTC). Arriving passengers can make their way to exit 4 ‎on the Arrival level, where buses are currently departing from zone 4A on the road closest to the terminal building.

The routes serving Bahrain International Airport are:

A1 ‎– Airport – Muharraq Bus Terminal – Manama Bus Terminal – American Mission Hospital – Salmaniya – Khamis – Isa Town Bus Terminal

A2 – Airport – Manama Bus Terminal – City Centre – Seef – Souq Waqif – Hamad Town – University of Bahrain (Fastest Route from Airport to Manama)*

10 – Airport – Arad – Hidd – Mina Salman – Kuwait Avenue – Manama Bus Terminal – Muharraq Bus Terminal – Airport (Clockwise)

11 – Airport – Muharraq Bus Terminal – Manama Bus Terminal – Kuwait Avenue – Mina Salman – Hidd – Arad – Airport (Anti-Clockwise)

For live departures please see: BPTC Stop Monitor (bahrainbus.bh)

To travel on the red buses, the best option would be to purchase a single trip ticket from the driver for BHD 0.300. If you wish to benefit from lower trip rates, you can purchase GO Cards from any of our 3 stations for a one-time fee of BHD 0.500. with the Go Card, each trip will cost BHD O.275, with a maximum daily charge/cap of BHD 0.700.

GO Red with Bahrain Bus and enjoy safe trips and free Wi-Fi onboard the buses.

For up-to-date routes and times, and to plan your journey, please visit Bahrain Bus (bahrainbus.bh).